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started with a chance visit by the Epping Forest band to Eppingen and the seed was sown, soon afterwards members of the Town Council independently joined forces with the Eppingen Council and the twinning started. This was over 34 years ago and it has flourished ever since.


is now completely independent of any political or religious groups and is funded by fundraising and membership subscriptions .

The association has in alternate years a visit in each other’s towns, as well as a week’s long language course for those who would like to improve their German/English. Every other year we have a stall at the Eppingen Altstadtfest and serve traditional British food and beer. There are also other occasions when our friends hold special celebratory days such as Heimattage , held every ten years when we have a themed procession through the town.

 The committee meets every month organises  the fundraising events and exchanges. If you wish one can put themselves forward to be on the committee.  

The association encourages groups of like minded people to contact their counterparts in Eppingen forming bonds so they visit each other and participate in their chosen pastimes. One such group is the tennis club which holds matches alternately in both town.