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Eppingen is a town in the district of Heilbronn in Baden-Würtemberg in southern Germany.

Eppingen lies in the Kraichgau, a hilly region in southwestern Germany, close to the confluence of

the Elsenz and Hillsbach Rivers . The town of Eppingen still has a farm within it, but the

economy is supported by it’s many industrial areas around the perimeter; although when you are

there it is hard to believe.

The Pfeifferturm a tower  built in the 13th century , serves as the town’s landmark

  The Old Town has many beautiful timbered houses and because of this the town is part of the

German ‘Fachwerkstrasse’( German route of the most beautiful timbered houses).

The Baumann House (German; BaumannscheHaus) is one of the prettiest and most famous of

the timbered houses



Eppingen was first mentioned in 985 when Otto gave the settlement to the diocese of Worms.

 Eppingen was owned by Salier in the 11th century and by Staufer in the 12th century. In 1188 it became a fortified village and in 1192 a town. In the 15th and 16th centuries , Eppingen underwent  an economic boom during which it’s Latin school was first mentioned (1421). In a time of plague a part of the Heidelberg University moved to the Latin school in 1496.

During the Palantinate wars of succession, Eppingen functioned as the main storage facility for the German army. From 1695 to1697 , the Eppinger Linien (Eppingen lines of offence) were built. They served as large defending walls against French raids at that time. One watchtower called the Chartaque is still accessible.

Eppingen was affiliated to Baden in 1803 and maintained the second oldest school of agriculture in Baden

At the end of 19th century Eppingen was connected to the railway network; the Kraichgau Railway was opened to Karlsruhe in 1879 and to Heilbronn in 1880 and the Steinsfurt-Eppingen railway which connected to Heidelberg in 1899..

During 1971 and 1972 , Eppingen annexed the six surrounding communities of Adelshofen, Elsenz, Richen, Rohrbach am Giesshübel, Kleingartach and Mühlbach.

In year 2000 Eppingen’s population exceeded 20,000